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www IGIndex com

IG Index is the very first brokerage firm to offer spread betting in the world. This immediately catapulted them into the realms of one of the best brokerage firms in the world. Their pure urge to develop new forms of trading and technology that supports proper trading made them one of the best brokers in the world.

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IG Index is part of the IG Markets Ltd family, the fact that IG Index specifically deals with spread betting is the main reason that the two could not be registered as a single company but two different ones.


www IGIndex com


IG Index is registered both in England and Wales under the registration number 01190902. They are further regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and their reference number is 114059.

IG Index being a spread betting firm is also registered by the Gambling Commission under the reference number 2628, because spread betting is yet to be considered a form of trading rather it is viewed as gambling.

Being the very first broker to introduce this form of trading it is almost obvious that their website www IGindex com is widely searched on different browsing platforms from around the world.

IG Index has managed to win several awards in the recent years, they have won the Online Personal Wealth Award for the year 2014 and 2015 consecutively, and they will be looking to make it a hat trick come this year’s award ceremony.


IGIndex Services


IG Index offers the following services in relation to its spread betting form of trading. Clients have a wide range of markets to spread bet on, they have over 6000 international stocks to choose from, they offer CFD trading with Direct Market Access, and premium services at reduced charges.

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The following are assets that are on offer for spread betting from IG Index; they offer bitcoin, commodities, options, interest rates, bonds, sectors, and foreign exchange.

Since they have been on the fore front on spread betting, they have blazed on by creating different ways in which one can spread bet their markets of choice. That is why many people prefer IG Index while spread betting, there is more than enough on offer.


IG Index Trading Platforms


IG Index has several trading platforms; they have a web platform which is basically their platform of choice for most of their clients. This has been proven by their award for the Best Web Platform from SHARES Awards for 2015.

They have other trading platforms that have been categorized as advanced trading platforms. They have the L2 Dealer; this platform offers Direct Market Access for CFD traders.

This platform is meant for traders who want to get a more real time feel of what the market depth is at the moment, it is a better choice because you will get faster fills to your trades and the ability to make money even on extremely small moves is possible especially while spread betting.

They also offer trading terminals and APIs for their clients who want to have a more advanced trading platform.

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They also have the MT4 trading platform that a client can request, the MT4 platform is suited for those traders who are mainly focused on using automated systems for their trades. Their MT4 platforms offer very tight spreads and the execution is exemplary.

This gives the client a choice, for the beginner traders who are starting off to the advanced traders who want a more professional approach to their trading.


Educational Resources


IG Index has a whole lot of resources when it comes to advancing their clients knowledge on the financial markets. They have seminars that are held on an occasional basis, these seminars are one of the best sessions that the clients have because they have a chance to meet the IG Index team and interact with them on a more personal level.

They also have articles and guides from which a massive amount of information about trading the markets successfully using the tools and services offered by IG Index is shared.

They also have an introductory option that acts as a guide for traders who are total beginners as spread betting traders. They have a specific educational resource for spread betting called the Spread betting: A Guide for share traders.

There is also a trading application that is downloadable that has a course that is structured as a course, it is called the IG Academy app. With all these resources at the disposal of the clients they will obviously be well prepared for their own journey as traders.


Deposit and Withdrawal


IG Index has several options when it comes to their transaction options. They have diversified their transaction options for their clients to make it easier for them to fund and withdraw from their accounts.

They have the bank wire transfer method, they also accept checks, they accept credit and debit cards alike, and they also allow Skrill payments from their clients as well.

All the above payment methods have some service charges attached to them, so it is important to inquire before using either. There are some security measures taken when making those payments to protect the client’s private information.


Customer Support


IG Index has a well structured customer support service. They have a live chat handle that has helped the clients share their problems faster and getting a response just as fast.

They have a dedicated panel on their website www IGindex com that is meant for help and support only. The panel has categorized the help options into several sections to enable the traders an easier time when navigating for help options.

The sections are based on the trading platforms, technical help, chart support, payments, account management, and market information.

These categories are very focused on any problem that the trader may have while carrying out their trading activities. This goes to show that their client support was mainly created with the client in mind.

They also have a twitter handle that is mainly directed towards client support, @IGClientHelp is where a client can tweet their problem and they will have their issue sorted.


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