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IG Index in the UK (Review)

If spread betting is your field of interest and if you have never visited, then you have certainly missed out on a lot.

A lot of people, even those who are actively involved in spread betting, are unaware of the fact that IG is the pioneer of spread betting in the world. is one of the most iconic spread betting websites in the world.

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The company itself was founded way back in the year 1974, when the whole concept of spread betting was completely unknown to people around the world. Today, IG Index has grown to be one of the torchbearers in the world of online financial trading, especially in the United Kingdom.

IG Index has attained mammoth popularity in Britain, and at the current rate of proceedings, it seems likely that IG Index’s popularity in the United Kingdom will remain untainted for a long time come.


IG Index in the UK (Review)


There is a range of different services provided by the IG Group’s core business. Among these, the most notable ones including trading in leveraged products, spread betting, binary options and spot forex.

IG Index Markets

As of 2014, IG also has a stock broking service which is widely available. The newly formed stock broking service has really boosted the reputation of IG Index UK.


A Contender for Top Position


Despite its immense popularity in the United Kingdom, IG Index is not confined within the boundaries of Britain.

As a matter of fact, there are of offices of IG Group established in different parts of the world, and each global branch of IG contributes greatly to the growth and development of this flourishing multi-million dollar company that is now fit to be labelled as a vastly popular corporation.

Their ways of conducting financial trading are changing the landscape of trading altogether. Like any popular business entity, IG does have its critics, but that does not change the fact that it is a worthy contender for being the most prominent financial establishment in the United Kingdom, as far as traders and international trading is concerned.


IG Index Trading Platforms


Many experts believe that it will not be long before IG Group of companies accomplishes its objective of being the leading online trading platform in the world. A lot is often discussed about the renowned trading platforms of IG.

IG is well known for taking into consideration the specific requirements of their diverse group of clients. As a result of that, they have divided their trading platforms into two categories to satisfy a set of two very different demands.

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The first category of platforms is called the core platforms while the second category is referred to as the specialist platforms.


IG Index Core Platforms


The key characteristic of the core platform is undoubtedly its mobility. Gone are the days when traders were people who were confined within the four walls of their offices and houses.

The modern day trader is always on the move and in order to cope with the fast paced lifestyle of the modern trader, IG Index has come up with a trading platform that is built for incredible mobility. The core platforms are constituted by the internationally applauded and award winning flagship trading platform of IG.

Other features of the core platforms include mobile apps that are optimized for traders who like to make use of their smart phones to carry out their trading. You can also avail apps for iPad and windows tablets.

Clearly, regardless of whether you are sitting in your couch at home, or catching flights all around the world, the trading platform of the core IG Index platforms will serve you quite well.


IG Index Specialist Platforms


As the name of these platforms suggest, the specialist platforms are designed for the specialists in the trading industry. As you must be aware by now, not all traders carry the same level of experience. Some are clearly ahead of others in terms of expertise and skill.

The demands of these specialist traders are very different from the demands of the newcomers in the industry. Ideally, they need their trading platforms to be loaded with the maximum features they need to hold on to the success that they have earned through years of hard work in the forex market or the spread betting market.

As a result, IG Index has come up with the following specialist platforms for the seasoned veterans.


a) Level 2 Dealer Platform


This provides direct market access for the IG traders.


b) ProRealTime Platform


In this trading platform, you can avail an advanced charting package and a host of other monitoring tools which will greatly boost your efficacy in trading.


c) Meta Trader 4


You can label this as the industry standard platform for CFDS as well as for those who are involved in spot forex trading.


IG Index in UK - Account Types


Before you even think about joining IG Index, you need to first assess the accounts that they have and judge for yourself whether these accounts will be suitable to your trading needs. Currently, there are two different account types that you can choose from the in IG Index UK website.

IG UK may not be too advanced in terms of account selections, but its Trader and Limited Risk account should be enough to facilitate smooth sailing for you in the world of financial trading. If you are a professional trader with some years of experience under your bag, then you are advised to sign up with the trader account.

If not, then go for the Limited Risk account. This is designed for beginners and will prevent you from getting derailed while you negotiate the challenges of financial trading.


IG UK - Customer Support


IG UK had a head start in the industry and they have taken full advantage of it. They have done this by accumulating years of knowledge about trading and the world of finance, which they are now feeding to their clients.

The customer support of IG Index in UK is state of the art to say the least. There are plenty of educational materials to explore and the 24/7 customer service is bound to impress you.


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