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Fidessa London (Review)

Fidessa is the global leader and thought leader when it comes to providing global market data and trading solution to big and world class financial institutions. Fidessa have their motto as trade, invest, inform, this is very clear from the services they provide, their products and client relations.

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Fidessa London provide the following services to their clients; investment and financial solutions which include multi-asset trading solutions, investment structures, market data and analysis.


Fidessa London


They are also on the fore front of creating sound decision making tools and platforms that provide a seamless workflow technology. Because of these aspects Fidessa has 85% of the renowned financial and investment institutions using their products worldwide.

Their products have handled over $20 Trillion in transactions through their networks on an annual basis. These transactions were handled by their buy-side, sell-side, investment banks, and boutique brokerage firms.

With this much volume one might expect the systems to fail but Fidessa has been very consistent with their quality services it is almost impossible to believe. Fidessa has also been recognized for these accolades, they have won numerous awards from 2008 to date, they have averaged at least 5 awards each year.

This does not mean that Fidessa offers their quality services in order they can rack up awards, the awards are just a bonus and proof that they know how to handle business. These awards range from service to technology to data provision, they are very motivated and thus they have a well rounded company.

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Fidessa was listed in the London Stock Exchange back in 1997, and their stock has grown over the years with a compounded interest of 25%, this is a remarkable fete to achieve given the changes and the competition in this field. They are listed as Fidessa Group Plc in the stock market.


Fidessa Business Review


Fidessa’s business model is based on three things that are also reiterated in their motto; trade, invest, and inform. These are the core principles that Fidessa has thrived on over the years and they have also help propel and instigate innovation in the financial industry. The following are the three pillars that Fidessa is anchored on:

  • Trade: Fidessa has been very driven in providing trading environments that fit their clients either on the buy-side or on the sell-side of business. They have also included industry leading tools that cover risk management, compliance and instruments that handle settlements. Their tools are so comprehensive and scalable that small sized institutions can trade higher volumes than they could with another institution providing those services.

  • Investment: Fidessa has one of the best trading platforms that are crafted after the users’ interest. The trading platform is well structured that any user can easily access the features and trade in the best conditions possible. They have gone further to the point that they can take your entire pre-trade compliance checklist and automate it so that you can have the best trade opportunities outlined for you before making a trading decision. All this is meant to give their clients an easier time trading; Fidessa simply makes trading a whole lot easier.

  • Information: Fidessa knows that information is key to making sound trading decisions. The higher the quality of information the better your trading decision. They have gone beyond collecting market data and retrieving the key issues although this is impressive Fidessa could not settle at that. They have gone into analyzing market data accessed from social media sites, these trends are later optimized to give introspect on what people feel about the current market conditions. This information is later shared to their clients who make use of it while building a trading decision.

These three core aspects make Fidessa a leader, they strive to grow their range of assets and thus in the process their clients benefit and grow too.


Fidessa Products


Fidessa has a wide range of product on offer, but all their products are inter-connected and they co-exist in a symbiotic manner. The following are their products and each product has a broader structure in it that makes it unique in its own way; Fidessa buy-side, Fidessa sell-side, global connectivity, and market data.

  • Fidessa buy-side is made up of the following parts; it starts with the investment decision, it moves to the orders and trading and after that is done the last stage is the post trade activities. All these stages are covered under compliance. This structure allows the buy-side trader work under a normalized structure that is already legalized.

  • Fidessa sell-side is highly structured and has a lot more than the buy side and this is so because short selling involves a longer more strenuous process. They offer OMS services which include client order management, pre-trade client risk, and position management once in a trade, multi-asset trading and middle office services. They have the advanced trading tools which include a pool of tradable assets, algo trading, analytics and model creation, and business intelligence. They offer market access which covers, member trading, low latency Direct Market Access, smart order routing, best ex-compliance and internalization. All these are made possible by properly structured network of global connectivity to the buy-side institutions and the global market.

  • Global connectivity covers how the buy-side gets access to the market; Fidessa offers the buy-side access to brokers and the global markets alike. With this connection the sell-side operators can as well get that access through global connectivity.

  • Market data from Fidessa has the following features; they offer full depth and real time pricing, access to news, company news or fundamentals, and access to the foreign exchange market and other money markets.

  • Fidessa also offers post-trade services for both the buy-side and the sell-side operators based on workflow, conformance, and distribution.


Fidessa Training


Fidessa offers training to institutions who want to utilize their system in their trading activities. They offer training for both the buy-side and sell-side and the training is mainly based on the technical aspects of how their services work.

They offer their training by region so one can book a training and they will be given their instructions on how to access their training.


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