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www BancDeBinary com

BancDeBinary is a premier binary brokerage firm that is based in Cyprus but it also has part ownership in Israel.

They opened up their shop back in 2009 when the mortgage crisis was at its peak; the crisis offered them a chance to build a brand that could offer another line of investment, and that was something many people were looking fair at the time given the lack of trust in the current investment vehicle.

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BancDeBinary gave their clients a chance to be in charge of their own financial future. They are based in Limassol, Cyprus, and they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission their reference number is 188/13.

Apart from that, they are present in over 80 countries from around the world, and they have over 250,000 clients whom they serve within those jurisdictions. Among the 80 countries, they have a presence in they have been registered by 12 of those countries to offer their services to the recognized financial regulatory bodies.


www BancDeBinary com


Their Cypriot license only covers the European countries, and that is why they sort after another license that will enable them to share their services with a much wider number, they have the International Financial Services Commission license which is in Belize, and their reference number is IFSC/60/352/TS/15.



BancDeBinary does not offer its services to the individuals from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because their services are considered as gambling in those three regions, and the other reason is the Securities and Exchange Commission the United States regulatory body had fined them $11 million for offering their services to clients in those jurisdictions.

They get their prices from the SpotOption Exchange which is one of the most recognized exchanges for binary options brokers in the world.

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This exchange is not regulated and the prices they offer the brokerage firm can be easily manipulated, the prices offered by BancDeBinary are not the market prices and thus they offer their clients an in-house price that means they are trading against their clients and their ability to make money is dependent on the client losing on their side.

As much as this may sound unfair, it also means that the client who understands how the market works and how each option can be utilized to their advantage they will more than likely have a better chance towards profitability.

Clients have a wide range of options to choose from, and also they have over 200 markets to select from, and all the markets have a balanced mix of commodities, stocks, indices, and forex.



They offer the classic option types; the long-term options, they have the short-term options like the sixty seconds option, and they also have pair trading. All the trader has to do is to predict whether the price of the particular asset they are trading is going to move higher or lower so as to profit.

They only stand to lose the amount they put in as the risk and nothing more, but the payout can be impressive if you are correct on your trade bias.

More information on BancDeBinary can be gotten from www BancDeBinary com; their website is well structured, and you can easily navigate through it to get the information you need.


BancDeBinary: review of their trading platform


BancDeBinary has one of the most advanced trading platforms available in the binary options industry. They have made a partnership with SpotOption which acts as their exchange, and they offer them a very reliable trading platform that can match up to the quality of services offered by BancDeBinary.


WWW BancDeBinary


Their trading platform is the SpotOption Generation 2; the trading platform is very reliable, and it has some advanced features that make it one of the best platforms to trade with.

The trading platform has several choices when it comes to charting; it has a line chart and the candlestick chart which allows the trader to do proper analysis on the particular asset they are trading.

BancDeBinary com trading platform also offers different time frames for price action analysis this will enable the trader to have a longer-term view of the market and the shorter term view of the market from one chart and make the best trading decision based on the level that price is at. 



Some the advanced features in the trading platform include the strategy advisory widget and the panel that allows the trader access to social trading via Zulu Trader.

This application can be very useful for the beginner trader who wants to earn as they learn, that is why BancDeBinary is one of the most sorts after binary brokers in the world today.


BancDeBinary com: account types


They have three different account types that are characterized by their minimum deposit amount. They have the Bronze trading account that has a minimum deposit of $250; the Silver trading account has a minimum deposit of $2500, and the Gold account which is the premium account has a minimum deposit of $5000.


BancDeBinary COM


All these accounts have their own privileges and the higher the account you select, the more advantages and bonuses you are going to receive.

The trades have a maximum payout of 85% but for the longer term trades the payouts can be as much as 900% which is very impressive given the amount of risk one puts across for such trades.


BancDeBinary: customer support


Like most brokers BancDeBinary com has a number of options which clients can use to access the help they need.




They have a live chat for the urgent needs, they have a Skype option for a one on one interaction, they also have a dedicated e-mail service and the telephone contacts from their website.

Although this is a different type of support their clients get to have 100% deposit bonus on their accounts, this comes in handy as you start off your trading journey with BancDeBinary.


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