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IG Markets (UK): How to Open Trading Account?

IG Markets UK has been in the financial industry for a long time and it is the trading firm that pioneered the onset of spread betting. This makes them a revolutionary trading firm that is always seeking to create new products and services for its clients.

They have registered their company with different names because of the services they offer. They have the IG Markets Ltd that is registered both in England and Wales their registration number is 04008957.

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This company deals with all products and services offered by the company except for those involving spread betting. The IG Index Ltd which is registered both in England and Wales is registered under the number 01190902.

Both companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are authorized to offer their services, IG Market is regulated under the number 195355, and IG Index is regulated under the number 114059.

Since spread betting is considered gambling, IG Index is also registered and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the number 2628. Their operations are widely spread with two major offices in London and Dublin and seventeen other offices; they definitely have an international reach.

They are considered to be the number one CFD and spread betting company in the whole world, because of this reason they have won numerous awards which range from their products to their services.


IG Markets (UK): Review of their Services


IG Markets are well known for their CFD and spread betting services, apart from these two popular services they have a wide range of services that one may look into.

They offer Direct Market Access to several of their tradable instruments; this is very useful for traders who want to get a feel of the current market conditions as they are.

They also offer share dealing services which are affordable and the margin requirements are pretty low too. The stocks vary from local stocks to international stocks accumulatively they offer over 6000 stocks.

These are enough to diversify and grow your portfolio. They offer forex, bitcoin, options, interest rates, bonds, sectors trading, and also for traders who like to kick their trading earlier in the week, there is Sunday trading on offer.


IG Markets (UK): How to Open Trading Account?


IG Markets has one of the best web based trading platforms in the financial industry; this gave them a chance to nub the SHARES Award for Best Web Platform. This is a clear indication that they have an executive platform whose performance is impeccable.

Apart from the web platform, they have other advanced trading platforms on offer; they have the L2 Dealer platform that has a Direct Market Access, this gives the trader a chance to place trades directly and get the feel of the market as it is.

This platform is built specifically for CFD traders; if you are a CFD trader you should consider using this platform to improve your execution and to reduce your trading costs.

They also have the MT4 trading platform that is given on request, they will link the platform to their servers so as to give you access to the market feeds. They have trading applications that can offer the trader extra features to utilize on their trading.

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With all these options it is obvious why many traders prefer IG Markets UK for their trading needs and to further their trading experience.

IG Markets UK demo account is one of the best in the business, they have this to help their developing traders familiarize with their trading platforms and also learn different strategies before applying them on a live account.




IG Markets care for their clients’ growth and that is why they have a dedicated section for their trading education. This section is full of educational resources that the trader can use to further their knowledge on the market.

IG Academy App is an online school that covers the different topics on the market; it is structured as a course which makes it easier for newer traders to follow and to track their growth.

They also have live seminars where traders get to interact with their tutors at a more personal level. The other educational resources include articles, newsletters, books, and introductory topics to trading.


Deposits and Withdrawals


IG Markets UK has several options when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. They have given their clients a chance to select from the following; checks, bank wire transfers, card payments, and Skrill an online payment service. The clients should also know that the method used to deposit is the same method used for withdrawals.

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The deposits and withdrawals also incur extra service charges, the detailed instructions on this can be found in their web page that is easy to navigate. Traders should also use a service that suits them based on its efficiency and cost.


Customer Support


IG Markets has one of the most extensive customer support service in the finance industry. This is so because they have a massive number of services offered and all this services need proper guidance to avoid any inconveniences.

They have broken down their customer support into sections, these sections are found in their help and support tab, they are; technical help, trading platform, chart support, payments, market information, and account management services.

The other channels of support they utilize are; the live chat which is very effective especially for clients who want urgent support services. The other line of help is their twitter page where they get requests from their massive number of followers; you can reach them @IGClientHelp on twitter.


IG Markets (UK): Verdict


IG Market UK   is without a doubt one of the best if not the best trading firms offering CFDs and spread betting services. Traders who would want a firm that is interested in their growth and development as traders, then IG Markets is the broker to choose.


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