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Magnum Binary Options (Review)

There are many binary options firms that are operating at the moment in the world, since their inception in 2010 there have been numerous companies that have joined the binary options business and one of them is Magnum Binary Options.

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This binary options broker has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and because of such a location they can get access o many liquidity providers.

Access to liquidity providers will obviously increase the price feeds you receive and furthermore you the clients will have access to tighter quotes on the prices they receive, their cost of trading will decrease significantly.


About Magnum Binary Options


As any brokerage firm would want to have a stellar reputation so does Magnum Binary Options, they launched their shop in 2013 after ensuring that all their services are up to the required standards.


Magnum Options


This would help them start off their clients in the right direction. Otherwise, I do not know of any client who would condone inconveniences on their trading operations even though they trust their broker to get things back on track.

Every broker has their area of interest in the markets, so does Magnum Binary Options; they offer binary options which are also known as all-or-nothing options or Fixed Return Options.



These are quite new investment vehicles in the financial markets but do not let this be a reason for discounting them because they have gained popularity since they were included in the financial industry. Most people still have their reservations, but that has not stopped them from becoming a popular go-to investment vehicle.

Magnum Binary Options have over 150 tradable assets more than one can expect from a recently started binary brokerage firm and in addition to these their services are accessible to anyone.


Magnum Options assets


Furthermore, Magnum Options has made sure that their services come with an advantage over their competitors offering the same services; they have controlled risk, and their products enable the traders to hedge their open positions.

Most importantly Magnum Options have ensured each and every client in their brokerage firm gets their value for money or capital invested.


Magnum Binary Options Review


There are five different options when it comes to selecting an account with Magnum Options. For the clients who may think that this will affect their trading then they should just relax because this categorization only affects your access to extra services that you can do without.

The accounts are mini, starter, silver, gold and platinum; they gain their importance in respect of the advantages that have been attached to them.



For the mini account, the minimum deposit is $500, with it, there is a 25% bonus, a starter webinar, educational videos and a digital online eBook, that is as you get when you start with a mini account. This account can be used as your practice account to get you started off.

The next account is the starter account with a minimum deposit of $1000, with this account you get a 30% bonus on your deposit. In addition to this, you also get the market reviews with the other advantages available for the mini account.

The third account option offered by Magnum Binary Options is the silver account which is their recommended account. The silver account has an option between a 50% bonus and a risk-free trade; there are terms and conditions to adhere to. The advantages available for the starter account are included in addition to these you also get one academy session, an account manager, and a VIP webinar access.


Magnum Options accounts


The next account option available is the gold account which has a minimum deposit $10,000 with an option to select a 75% bonus on the deposit made equal or above this amount, the next option is 3 risk-free trades, and the last option is one guaranteed profit trade.

The other advantages you get are those of the silver account plus two academy sessions, and two VIP webinars and an optional tablet.

The other account type is the platinum account which has a minimum deposit of $25,000 and options to either get a 100% bonus, five risk-free trades, or 3 guaranteed profit trades. The other advantages that you receive with a platinum account are all those listed on the silver account plus same day withdrawal approval.


Magnum Binary Options Educational Resources


As every field requires up most respect for education so does binary options trading. As a trader, you should know your lifeline is dependent on your knowledge of the markets.

As Warren Buffet said, the risk is made possible if you do not know what you are doing, so Magnum Options want you to build your confidence as a trader by offering you educational resources.

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They have an online academy where you can learn how the market operates but this academy is only accessible to clients, and the amount of information made available depends on your account type as listed above. The academy has a course like structure that the client will have a step by step educational experience.

The Magnum Options academy has the following courses, the beginner course where the client can get acquainted with the financial markets, then after graduating from this level, they move to the advanced course. The advanced course gets you the understanding you need to make informed trading decisions.


Magnum Options review


There is a course that goes in-depth into binary options as a financial vehicle; here you get to understand more about binary options and how it works.

There is an in-depth course that touches on technical analysis and other financial markets intricacies. The whole course is then summarized into a trading eBook that one can read and understand even better.


Deposit and Withdrawal Options


The best brokerage firms ensure their clients have easier transactional platforms; the ones available include the bank wire transfer and the debit and credit card payments. There is also the online transfer option through Neteller.


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