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EZTrader Binary Options (Review): Scam or Not?

EZTrader is one of the earliest binary options firm in the industry, they started off in 2008 in the Cyprus. The name EZTrader is the trading name of the WGM Service that is one the financial investment firms in Cyprus.

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It is even a registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm, it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission under their Cyprus Investment Firm license number 213/13.

They have gone further and registered their firm in Shefa, Vanuatu, their regulatory number in Vanuatu is 300201, and this regulatory number is offered by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission.

The Vanuatu office was meant for the registration of non-European clients. The website that is accessible for non-European clients is The company has grown over the years to continually offer their services to the wider market that are just getting to know binary options.


EZTrader Binary Options (Review): Scam or Not?


EZTrader had an early start and that means that the technology back then was still catching up to the different developments made in the world of finance. This made EZTrader become innovative and they created their own trading platform that has become the basis of their explosive growth over the years.

Their trading platform has become very efficient over the years and each time the clients request for advancement or a change the firm does not hesitate to give them that option.

This has made them one of the brokerage firms in the binary option business with the most advanced trading platform. The platform is user friendly and apart from that it has functional aesthetic features, which does not only make the platform attractive but also extremely efficient.

They have taken their advancements further and they have created the EZ Mobile a trading platform supported by the iOS and Android platforms alike.

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This exposed more traders to a different trading experience that has just started catching up recently on the onset of smart phone technology. Their superior charting and analysis tools make them a definite advantage to the traders.

Their trading platform has some unique features that make it even more efficient and reliable. They have SellOption feature that allows the trader to sell the option traded back to the broker before the time expires.

This functionality greatly reduces the clients risk in a trade and in turn increases on their profitability. They have also generated a signal generator that is called the Ultimate4Trading, this tool allows the clients to automate their trading and by linking their accounts to this platform they are able to enjoy automated trading.

All this put together make the EZTrader platform one of the best trading platforms in the business. This trading platform is a good fit for both the advanced and beginner traders alike.


EZTrader Demo and Trading Accounts


EZTrader has one of the best trading accounts in the world. It is both affordable and is open for all clients if they are able to satisfy the required set conditions.

Their trading account is capped by a $200 minimum payout or that similar amount in Euros, Pounds, or another listed currency pair. This amount is very affordable for anyone who wants to get started in their trading career. The accounts allow for the following types of trading taking place.

They have the original or rather common call and put options, this is further regenerated to create more trade types based on time as from 60 seconds binary to long term binary.

The time based binary trades range from the 60 seconds to the longest term six month binary option. This ensures that every type of trader is well covered, from the very short term traders to the very long term traders.

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The accounts hold one of the best payout structures in the binary industry. They offer a maximum of 95% payout for the in the money trades and they offer a cover of 15% for the trades closed out of the money.

With these kinds of payouts one is definitely going to make a proper return on investment. The brokerage firm supports the traders well being by ensuring the losses are small while the gains are maximized.

Also with EZTrader you are going to be exposed to wide array of tradable instruments. They offer over 100 tradable assets, they have 15 foreign currency pairs, 23 indices, 4 commodities, and 77 stocks to choose from. With all these options there is no way a trader may fail making some money from the markets on any particular day.


Educational Resources


EZTrader has always been on the forefront on ensuring that their traders have a good idea of what the market is all about. They have designed a comprehensive educational resource area that is free for everyone to access and utilize.

They have a video course on binary options, e-books, articles, monthly journal and finally something that most brokerage firms do not do is one on one training.

All the available resources and support systems created for the client’s advancement have been given freely to ensure even future clients who may want to join the firm can get a complimentary education before making a decision.


Customer Support


The brokerage firm is very keen on ensuring that their clients are well catered for on every front. That is why they have created a customer support system that is meant for covering any issues that the clients bring top their attention.

They have toll free numbers that the clients can use to contact the firm and express their concerns. They also have a live chat service that is accessible through their web page, by clicking on the live chat tab; the client will be redirected to another page where they will get an assistant to help them with their problem.

Their customer service runs for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means that the client can access the help required whenever they want to. EZTrader being one of the pioneering brokerage firms in the binary industry on can trust that they will provide a good service that will be worth the client’s investment.


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