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ETX Capital Review: Demo Account, Minimum Deposit

ETX Capital Ltd is a trading firm based in London; it is actually the trading name of Monecor Ltd. Monecor Ltd is registered with its company number as 00851820, it has been part of the London Stock Exchange (L.S.E) since 1965.

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This is a major advantage since it proves it is a company that has acquired the legitimacy and trust from the public. ETX Capital acts as the branch that offers trading services to thousands of its clients.

Many might ask what ETX stands for; the three letters are acronyms for the services that the firm offers; electronic trading, telephone trading and execution services. From the get go the client learns what kind of services to expect. The name acts as a proper introduction for clients seeking their services.

ETX Capital is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the registration number 124721. They offer a myriad of tradable assets which include; forex, indices, CFDs, equities, and commodities. The company is located One Broadgate London EC2M 2QS, for the people who would want to visit the physical location.


ETX Capital Demo Accounts


ETX Capital does not have accounts to choose from; rather they have a minimum deposit of 100 pounds to be able to trade. This puts all clients in a sort of level playing ground when it comes to getting started.


ETX Capital: Review on Trading Platforms


ETX Capital has a range of trading platforms to select from; the ETX MT4 platform, the ETX TraderPro platform, and the ETX Binary.

All these trading platforms are what the client gets to choose from each and every one of them has a difference that makes it unique in its own sense.

  • ETX MT4: This platform is the most widely used trading platform in the whole world. Its popularity emanates from the features it has in store. It has the Expert Advisor functionality, a wide range of indicators for technical analysis, multi-chart functionality; from a one minute chart to a monthly chart. It allows for hedging, one-click trading, it is leveraged up to a maximum of 400:1 and it also has a mobile platform to ensure the client will not miss a chance to trade when need be. This platform also provides a demo account for the clients who want to try out new strategies and for familiarizing oneself with the platform.

  • ETX TraderPro: This is an in-house trading platform developed by the technical team in ETX Capital. This platform is an extension of what the firm stands for, it is an expression of the experience they want their clients to enjoy every time they trade. It is an advanced platform and has an added advantage since it offers a closer view of the markets and its behavior at the moment. It has a multi-chart functionality, a wide selection of drawing tools, a pip calculator and a drag and drop function. It also has a mobile platform to further efficiency. With this platform you are going to have tighter spreads on the major currency pairs offered.

  • ETX Capital Binary: This platform is for the traders who want to be in and out of the market fast by predicting where the price will head to next. With this platform you are going to trade forex pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. It has binaries that can be set as from 30 days to 60 seconds. Trading binary with this platform gives you a chance to get high payouts for every trade that ends in the money; as from 65% to 100% payouts. When you lose, you only lose the money that was put up for that particular trade. It also has a mobile platform for convenience and has the option to select the chart you desire and set a timer for every trade you are in; it alerts you when that trade has expired.


ETX Capital Education


ETX Capital has an education program for its clients who are still in the learning process. This educative material is delivered through various media; it is offered through seminars, where clients get to meet the team from ETX Capital and get a one on one experience.

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The other way is through webinars or rather online seminars, these are also conducted live but through an online platform. They also have an 8 hour trading course that is comprehensive and has a follow up system to ensure that the students are progressing well.

Most of the education is based on the trading platforms offered by the firm, and the rest of it is strategy based. They also have a blog and news channel where you can keep up with financial news as it happens.


ETX Capital Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals


ETX Capital has various options when it comes to making your deposits and withdrawals. They offer wire bank transfer, online bank transfer, and credit and debit cards. As for the debit and credit cards it covers all major ones except for AMEX.

There are charges incurred for depositing and withdrawing based on the option you chose to make the payment. They offer five withdrawals every month above 100 pounds without charging processing fees.

Any more withdrawals above the five are charged a 10 pound processing fee. They also have inactivity fees charged to accounts that have been dormant for a while. This ensures that the clients engage in the markets often.


ETX Capital Review on the Bonuses


ETX Capital has various bonus programs for its esteemed clients and for those who wish to be. They offer 20 Pound sign up bonus with no deposit. When a client deposits 100 Pounds, that deposit is matched up immediately, the more deposits you make the more you bonuses you receive, up to 3750 Pounds.


Customer Service


ETX Capital offers good customer service to its clients, they have separated their support into various categories; technical, trading, and your account. This way you are able to directly contact support services based on these three categories.

They are open as from Monday 7:30 AM to Friday 9:00 PM. They can be contacted through a local and international number listed in their web page.




ETX Capital is a good brokerage firm and I will recommend it any client who wants to have a choice while it comes to trading the markets. They should consider adding live chat to enhance customer experience.


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