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How to Trade Binary Options Profitably? (For Beginners)

There are a number of ways in which you can venture into binary options trading. The first actions that people take when they get involved in binary options trading are always tentative. This is because nobody wants to make errors that lead to destructive financial losses.

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Everybody enters the fray of binary options trading with nothing but profit and financial wellbeing on their minds. That being said, binary options trading is no child’s play. You need to act wisely in order to attain any modicum of success in the field of binary options trading.

In other words, if you are a beginner who is looking to have a steady start, you are strongly advised to learn the ways in which you can trade binary options profitably.


How to Trade Binary Options? (For Beginners)


There are a number of different strategies, tools and resources that you can make use of in order to make sure that your binary options trading goes as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, you will be required to formulate your own strategies. At other times, you need to improvise on pre-existing money making tactics.

Whichever the case is, your primary objective should always be to stay in touch with the latest developments and utilize the strategies that you know of consistently.

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Taking a back seat and relaxing will lead to nothing more than failure in binary options trading. Be active from the onset and you will soon enjoy the perks of profitable binary options trading.


How to Trade Binary Options Profitably?


The following are some of the basic guidelines for trading binary options profitably. These guidelines should help you as a novice trader. The guidelines will be focusing on specific resources that you can make use of to improve your trading skills and increase your profits.


1) Availing and Reading Charts


The first step towards knowing how to trade binary options profitably is being aware of how useful and helpful charts can be. The sooner your familiarize yourself with charts, the better will be your chances of attaining success in this field. You can find charts readily available online.

To avail these charts, you do not have to break your bank as most of them are provided to you at a very reasonable price. Do not be stingy when buying charts. Paying too less will cause you to end up with charts that have little value to offer. Buying low quality charts will not help you to trade binary options profitably.

How to Trade Binary Options?

If you have basic knowledge of how to trade binary options, you should be inclined to buying only those charts that have great content and belong to the medium price range.

Paying anywhere between $100 to $200 for these charts should be good enough. The price of the charts vary based on the kind of services and markets that you are subscribing to. While you should not be obsessed with low quality cheap charts, you should also not go on a spending spree.

When you are just starting out, try to minimize the costs and buy charts which offer great value for money. Also, make sure that you do not opt for charts that are over complicated.  Keep things simple, it will help you to get in terms with the inner dynamics of binary options trading.

The charting applications will allow you to use bar, lines and candlesticks. Among the three, you are recommended to make use of candlesticks since they tend to produce the best results. Then again, you are free to try them out for yourself and find out which works best for you.


2) Making Use of Indicators


Depending on the kind of strategy and char that you are using, you will require no more than a few indicators to put yourself in a favourable position. Make sure that you do not engulf yourself with too much information. Having too much information can be just as bad as having no information.

One of the reasons why beginner traders fail at binary options trading is because they cannot handle the pressure of analyzing tons of information. If you want to trade profitably, keep things simple and work with limited information.

You cannot expect to become a binary options guru overnight. Give it time, and you will eventually be an expert. But for now, make do with pocket sized information and few indicators.


3) Monitoring Trends


Any binary options trader who knows how to be profitable makes it a priority to focus on trends. The whole point of using charts and indicators is to determine exactly where the market is going. This is referred to as the trend and it can go down, up and sideways at any particular period of time.

If you want to receive a payout in binary options trading, you need to identify up or down by the smallest of fractions. Sometimes, you need to take into account points or pips to make sure that your payout is healthy.

Make the trend your companion. Do not be inclined to fight the market or swim against the mainstream. Go with the flow, it will take you places.


4) Maintaining a Trading Journal


Documentation of your performance is key to thriving in the world of binary options trading. If wanted one definite answer to the question, “how to trade binary options profitably”, the answer would be, keep a trading journal. All successful traders do it, and there’s no reason why you should break the convention if you intend to join their leagues.



Maintaining a trade journal allows successful traders to study charts from the previous day, week, month and even the year. It also allows them to monitor their trade performance and identify their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can accentuate your strong points and eliminate your frailties.


5) Conducting Money Management Efficiently


Money management is pivotal to trading binary options profitably. In the absence of money management, you are simply relying on your luck, and lady luck is not good enough to get you across the line every single time.

With money management, you will have to define what percentage of your trade you are intending to risk and what percentage you are willing to keep as a reserve.


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