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Online Trading Academy UK (Reviews)

Online Trading Academy is one the premier trading institutions when it comes to education especially on online trading.

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They started their business in 1997 as the training arm of Block Trading that later changed its name to Momentum Securities.


Online Trading Academy: Review of their Growth


They started the training institute for their clients who wanted to have a better understanding of how the financial markets worked. The other factor that made this reality was that in the same year they opened their doors E-trade, and other brokerage firms started offering the trading services online.

They remained an in-house training facility until 2003 when they opened their first location in Irvine, California in the United States.

By then there were advancements in the financial industry and more and more people started getting involved and their requests to learn more about the biggest financial market in the world, foreign exchange, led to the introduction of the course in 2005.

The forex courses were structured to help all traders from the least advanced to the most advanced courses. They later became so acclaimed because of their stellar services and in 2007 at the beginning of the real-estate bubble in the U.S the expanded their reach to Dubai, U.A.E, and Dallas, Texas.

They also realized that many traders who went through their courses also needed some hand holding and guidance afterwards, and that is when they launched the Extended learning Track (XLT).

This resource was to give the traders who had gone through their course a follow-up service and a chance to learn even after their course was over.

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They hit a milestone in 2008 when they opened a new office in Toronto, Canada and announced that they were going to open two more at different locations in the world a testament that they were really growing. This fact was confirmed in 2010 when they got their 10,000th student.

This was a major goal for them and a real affirmation that they were doing something positive in the world of finance. 2011 was one of the busiest years of the training institute; they launched live online courses, and this meant that their students all around the world would be able to get the same experience as their on-site students.

They also opened their Mumbai, India office as a test market for the broader Asia region. They launched their Power Trading Radio to have their students get connected and keep up with the daily financial markets information.

They also introduced Propicks an online educational resource for their students. The same year they registered their 20,000th student.

The following year 2012 they added another course the Tax Pros to educate guys on how to handle their taxes especially those pertaining to income generated from trading activities. He same year their instructors won several awards from FXSTREET as the best webinar instructors on different occasions.

The following year 2013, they opened a new office in Jakarta, Indonesia to further their reach in South East Asia.

They later launched their online social network called the Mastermind Community that links their students all over the world with educational resources, live presentations and opportunities to share their trading experience broadly.

The same year they hit their 150,000th student registration which is an impressive number of students. This makes them one of the best institutions to seek trade and investment education in the world.


Online Trading Academy Services


Online Trading Academy UK offers various services; it is important to know that they offer the same services in all their locations. Students who want to visit and get an education from the United Kingdom office should be encouraged to know that their education is handled by experts and seasoned traders.

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The instructors take pride in their job because they are confident of achieving positive results for their students and for themselves. They offer free introductory classes for their students through the various meetings that are scheduled during the course of the year.

They offer educational courses, seminars, free lessons onsite and online as well. Their courses are well structured and easy to maneuver through, but if you want the whole experience you can always attend their onsite classes and get to interact with other traders and instructors.


Academy Trading Courses


They offer courses on stock trading; this course is quite popular among the United Kingdom students because of the robust London Stock Exchange. Many students come in for the quality education on stocks because they have a comprehensive course that covers the ins and outs of the stock market and how to trade it successfully.

They also offer the forex course that is growing popular by the day; it is a much easier market to participate in because of the low margin requirements.

Online Trading Academy has an options course that is very comprehensive and well structured. They know that options are complicated to trade so they created a course that will not only encourage the student to learn, but it will also be sensible to them.

Apart from the notable asset learning courses they also have a wealth management course, this is for people who want to learn how to manage their wealth or rather want to get into wealth management as a business in the future.

This course is very important even for traders who would want to become money managers as they get better in their trading careers. They also have the Extended Learning Track that is meant for their students, this resource is like an after sale service, they do a follow up with their students using this resource.

Trading can be gruesome at times, and XLT is a wonderful resource to have on your side when things get tough. They have specialty courses too; these include mastering the mental game, technical analysis strategies, and platform immersion.

The mastermind community is open to students who have gone through the other courses successfully and are now ready to share their knowledge and to learn from others who have been doing it longer than them. 

Online Trading Academy UK is a good fit for that trader who wants to have their trading career covered conclusively. They will enjoy the best experience learning and grow into independent traders.


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