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Anyoption (Review)

Anyoption is the world’s number one go to place for all your binary option needs. Anyoption was established back in 2008 in the midst of the financial collapse, they set up a new way of trading style that was not experienced by many before then.

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Anyoption’s trading platform is operated by Ourosboros Derivatives Trading Limited a financial firm in Cyprus, thus it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and the license number is 187/12 and they are governed by MiFID.

Anyoption also enjoys cross jurisdiction regulation by FSB licensed under Basfour 3773 PTY Ltd as a finance provider FSP 42020 in South Africa.


About Anyoption


The cross border regulations make the broker more reliable and keen on their dealings with clients and outside partners alike.



They have an international presence, their services are available in one hundred and fifty countries, and this makes them very open to new experiences and that is why they have dedicated teams that cover each region to ensure every client is well catered for. They offer their services both help and support 24/7 all year round.

They offer over 200 markets with an array of currencies, stocks, indices and commodities, since they have a wide market they would need a recognized price feed provider who is reliable all year round to, so they acquired the services of Thomson Reuters.

All their client funds are held in segregated accounts; this is to avoid scenarios whereby the clients’ finds may be used to conduct the firm’s business. These funds are held in Tier 1 banks that have a reputable record.

Anyoption Review

Anyoption has always been upbeat about their charity endeavors and each year they plan a social responsibility donation drive that is aimed to help out people or countries that are impoverished.

Their 2016 venture is aimed to raise $20,000 for UNICEF; this is a course that is going to change the lives of many children from around the world who need the help.


Anyoption: Review of Their Account and Trading Platform


Anyoption is the most recognizable binary option firm in the world because of their extensive services. They have been on the fore front of innovative new and engaging ways of trading binary options. They have different types of binary options that can be traded on any of their assets provided.

They a new platform called the Bubble; it is a very interactive binary option platform that has encompassed various aspects of binary option trading.

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The Bubble platform allows the trader to set price range which they are expecting price to trade towards and the time which they are expecting price to get hit those prices before the trade expires.

With these adjustments the trade gives you your payout but these changes are price hits these prices and maintains those levels. The platform has a volatility meter, a timer for your trade and a target bar that measures how close you are to your target or how far.

They have the Option+ feature that allows you to sell your purchased options to Anyoption before your set expiry time is reached. They have other binary option choices; the one touch and long term.

They have a tab binary 0-100 that acts a guide for traders who are starting out; it is like their notice board for anything to do with binary options and especially in relation to Anyoption. They have a wide range of assets which include commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.

They also offer financial news and trading trends that showcase the trader sentiment. All these features are meant to help the trader get to a trading decision that is well founded.


Anyoption: Review of Their Deposit and Withdrawals


Anyoption has a number of deposit and withdrawal options, because of their large client base they need a good number of options to cater for their clients fully.

They have the credit and debit card payment options, the bank wire transfer method, and a wide range of online payment options which include e-wallets. It should be noted that the credit and debit card and the wire transfer options are the only two that cover both deposits and withdrawals.

The online payments are only useful for deposits but they cannot be utilized for withdrawals. This should not discourage anyone from using them since the withdrawal time using the two mentioned methods is quite fast.

The limitations on the withdrawal options are in line with the anti-money laundering laws that are meant to protect both the broker and the client alike.


Educational Resources


Anyoption has a very comprehensive range of educational resources that can be utilized by their clients. They have the trading guide that is meant to help the trader get around how to use the platforms, and how to trade different assets using different binary options.

They have a trading course in video model that is broken into two sections; the VOD Beginner section and the VOD Advanced section.

They also have a products tutorial section that covers everything that Anyoption has to offer as a product. They have e-books and articles that cover matters to do with the financial markets and binary options on a broader scale, they are just meant for immersive reading and understanding.


Anyoption Customer Support


Anyoption has a well structured customer care system; from their web page on your upper third right hand side you will spot the live chat handle and the request a call dongle.

This makes it very easy for the client to request urgent help and more so the client can request a call if the matter needs a more personalized approach. They also have a toll line that a client can choose based on their location in the world.

Lastly they have a social media presence and they can also be reached in the same way. Anyoption has been very open in helping and supporting their clients to achieve excellence in their trading careers, I do not think there is more any trader would ask for and that is the reason I highly recommend them.


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