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TradingView (UK) Review & Tutorial

TradingView is one if not the most revolutionary social trading platform developed in the recent history. This social trading platform utilizes new technology in its development, in this case, it was developed using the HTML 5 web development language.

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This has not only made it easy to tweak and further improve it, but it has also made it one of the most user-friendly platforms to use.


TradingView (UK) Review & Tutorial


TradingView has become a hit in the trading industry; they have even formed a partnership with one of the most respected trading firms in the world, FXCM. This has not only build its credibility, but it has ensured that each and every user gets fast and reliable feeds for their analysis.

They have also ensured that the use of HTML 5 will enable any user; using any operating system will be able to use this platform with ease and without any restrictions.

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TradingView has opened up the world of trading in a very exciting and comprehensive way, more and more people will keep on joining, and this will lead to the improvement of the platform and the trading community as a whole.


The Key Features in TradingView


TradingView comes with a lot of features that can be utilized to make your trading experience even better. These are some of the commonly utilized features available in the platform:

  • Headline tab: The headline tab as it is called consists of information of particular tradable instruments from different asset classes, their performance, some line charts plotting their performance against other instruments in their class and the list of the highest gainers and losers at that moment. Also in the headline tab, there is a panel that one can select, a particular chart of a given desired instrument. It also contains your login and logout tab as well. The information on the headline tab may seem too much to comprehend, but it has been categorized and color coded in a discernable manner for an easier and relaxed user experience.

  • Watchlist tab: This tab is on the top right corner of the webpage, and it is denoted using a spyglass. This contains the list of instruments you are watching; you can add or remove, save, import, export, or rename the watch list as you wish. This makes it very easy for the trader to track their analysis and share it with other traders for critiquing. The watch list also has a comprehensive coverage of each instrument in the watch list and some the news that has or may affect it.

  • Alerts tab: Below the watch list tab you have the alerts tab, this tab contains all the alerts you have set for the particular instruments you are tracking. The importance of this tool cannot be underrated; it is important especially if you are tracking several instruments at once. It is very handy since it will keep you prompted when your levels are hit.

  • Hotlist tab: This tab contains all instruments that are performing very well and also those that are performing very poorly. The cause for having this tab is that it will reduce you focus on certain instruments that may offer a good return if you take advantage of their movements.

  • Economic calendar tab: This tab contains all the financial market reports that have an effect on the instruments you are trading. It is an important tool to have since it will give you direction on which news offer the best opportunities to trade and get a nice return and which ones to avoid. The news can further be filtered by selecting their level of impact, from high, medium, and low impact news and also in alignment to the country you are focusing on.

  • My ideas: This tab has the ideas you have published. The ideas include the charts you have created using your own analysis and understanding and published them for future review. These ideas are shared in your profile and people get to critic them, like them and ask questions. This is very important for a trader because it gives you another view of how the market is poised and this can either help you build your idea or change it completely.

  • Chats tab: The chats tab must be the most used part of TradingView, it is where all traders meet and chat and share their trading ideas. They have divided the chats based on the instruments traded; this is the most genius thing that TradingView have done. This has reduced the confusion and has improved sensibility in the chats. Many traders use the chat window as a platform to keep in touch and to follow each other thought process on various positions taken. Many traders have also use the chat platform to make friends too and to help other traders improve their trading techniques.

  • Recent chats tab: This tab comes in handy if you want to review recent chat you have had with people you have followed and chat with before. This has enabled traders to reduce the time taken navigating to your message window and reviewing the messages, this has changed all of that, you simply click the recent chats tab and select the chat you want to review and that is done.

  • Idea stream tab: The idea stream tab helps you keep in touch with the ideas of the other people you follow on TradingView. This is updated every time the trader you follow updates and idea on the site.

  • Notifications: This section covers the comments you receive, or likes you receive from the idea you have posted. This enables you to get feedback on the ideas you share.

Generally, TradingView is a trader’s social trading paradise; the site has been created so well to improve sharing and analysis as well. The login process is easy and has even included signing in from a different social media account.

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This just goes to show that the site is meant for sharing and connecting, and they have done all this and still maintained a professional outlook. Traders who want to enjoy a new trading experience should definitely give TradingView a go at it.


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