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IG Major Market & Index Indices

IG Markets Ltd and IG Index are two companies under the same banner, IG Group, that offers different financial services but they all have the same ideals and expectations for their clients.

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They have been in business for long enough, since 1974, they have been learning within their existence to develop new ways of keeping the trader engaged and excited about being a part of the group.

They are well regulated, and they have massive followership too, with 136,100 clients and 17 offices in the world’s most notable financial districts it is obvious that they have conquered the barriers of success and they are leading at the front by a margin.

It is not a wonder that they are the leading forex providers in the United Kingdom and they are also the leading spread betting firm in the world given the fact that they are the ones who introduced it to the world.


IG Indices


IG Group are very reliable, and they have proven this fact by being part of the prestigious FTSE 250 listing, and this makes them a member of the London Stock Exchange and to add to this they are well regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the license numbers 195355 for the IG markets and 114059 for IG Index.

Both companies are registered separately too both in England and Wales 04008957 and 011090902 for IG Markets and IG Index respectively.


About IG Indices


Since spread betting is considered gambling the Gambling Commission adds another layer of reliability by regulating the activities of IG Index, and their reference number is 2628. They have acquired numerous accolades over the years, and this is because of their levels of commitment.

They are firstly the world’s leading providers of CFDS and spread betting, and this can be proven since most companies use their spread betting and CFD assets for their own firms, for example, Hargreaves Lansdown.



They have won awards from Online Personal Wealth, Reader’s Choice Awards, and Shares Awards for the CFD and spread betting services. To become the leader, you must have access to the best markets and the ones that have potential yet are not widely traded such as those from emerging markets.

They offer their clients access to 10,000 markets which may seem impossible but being the leader one has to take such a chance. Among the markets they provide are indices, shares, commodities, binaries, forex, equities and much more.


IG Indices markets


The one asset that has become a true hit among traders are the indices, the traders get a chance to trade the IG Indices which include the FTSE, CAC 40, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average, German 30 or the DAX as it is popularly known and many more indices from around the world.

IG Indices are well priced, and the trader will always be getting the best data and price feeds when trading these assets. They move depending on the economic conditions and the players in the market.

To trade IG Indices, there is sign up a process that you should go through; it is very important to have all your details relayed correctly to avoid any inconveniences as you move forward. The IG sign up process is quite easy, and it does not involve a lot of complex processes as one may expect.


IG Indices sign up


They already know that the trading part is strenuous so the make the IG sign up easier for you to get by without any problems.

First of all you create an IG account that will act as your profile for any account you may want to open with IG in the future after that first part you can then go forth and open an account of your choice either a live account or a demo account that will give you access to $10000 practicing account. That is how simple IG sign up is when you are willing to get started.


Review of Their Products and Services


Ig has a very comprehensive list of investment products, and that makes it very likable among the traders who use the IG Markets services.

They have over 7500 companies with listed stocks in their massive number shares, and they have listings from 34 international exchanges that provide the indices that range from Wall Street to the Greece 25.


IG Indices services


This is quite the massive number of indices that any equity trader can get engaged in. the IG Indices are a 24-hour dealing service, so there is no time of day as long as the markets are open then you can trade them effectively.

They have low spreads and that make the IG Indices a great choice since no trader wants to pay massive fees or incur stupendous spreads.

They have low margin requirements and even with a small start coupled with the leverage you can trade the indices with full exposure.

IG Indices trading is better with IG Markets because it gives you a chance to take a position on a whole sector and thus you can make more with little risk to bare. Above that, you get to choose the position size you want to trade, either a standard contract size or the mini contracts.


Conclusion on IG Indices Products and Services


Ig has made sure their traders have the best IG Indices and the easiest IG sign up processes, and they have availed a number of services that ensure the client can carry on with their trading in a profitable manner. They have a dedicated team of experts that handle customer support.



They have a live chat service, help and support tab that has been broken down into categories that help the clients deal with different issues in a more structured manner.

The categories are a trading platform, technical help, chart support, payments, market information, account management and most of these support services are based on the IG sign up the process if you follow all the steps as stipulated you are not going to have a hard time with any of these listed help services.


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