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iForex Investment Review

The number of brokerage firms in the world at this moment is staggering, and that proves that is a good number of interested parties around the world who would not mind taking part in the massive foreign exchange market.

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The need to give everyone access to this market is the reason why iForex opened their doors to the wider public, and they were very successful at that too in 1996.


iForex Investment Review


They have been around for quite a while and that makes them one if the most respected firms in the industry, they are made up of a group of bankers and foreign exchange dealers so they know how the system works and how well they can improve their services to get the best and most efficient services available to their clients who are their number one priority.



They are committed to providing high-quality customer support, and this can only be achieved if they have state of the art technology backing them up. Since diversified portfolios are a necessity to every trader iForex, have gone an extra mile to ensure that their clients get the best financial products in the market by far.

All the way from 1996 they were a modest sized broker and they were still able to make their targets and achieve their objectives as a company, but that would not be enough for the as an organization they wanted more, and that is what they achieved in 2004.

That fateful year they introduced their multi-lingual web based trading platform and that changed their growth curve almost immediately. The reason being they were able to get more clients to the tune of tens of thousands, and at the same time their trading volume jumped higher, and their reach became wider.

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The fact was that little change they made to offer a web-based platform that could be accessible anywhere in the world was enough to make them gain the worldwide attention they were actively seeking. The other reason why clients flocked was the fact that they had a wide range of products that readily met their style and preferences.

Having a wide range of products with high spreads and commissions will not help any broker’s course towards acquiring clients, so iForex have one of the best spreads and commissions available in the industry and that gives them that upper hand.

Furthermore, they acquire their liquidity from one of the best interbank liquidity providers in the world. For traders who are more risk averse they should know that iForex has a negative balance protection policy in place and that makes them one of the best brokers in the business.




The negative balance protection is coupled together with a risk management system that is built into their trading platforms, and the fun part is that you as the client determines the risk threshold.

That is the most important thing about trading, and that is what iForex have could give to their clients the ability to control and manage their risks effectively.


iForex Trading Platforms


One of the core values is innovation, and that can only be envisioned on the types of trading platforms offered by a broker. This is one of the reasons that separates iForex com from the rest of the fray.

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They have quite the range of trading platforms that makes them quite the choice for any serious trader. They have a good mix of third party platforms as well as proprietary trading platforms that traders can select from. They have three trading platforms that range from an online platform to the mobile platform and lastly a desktop platform.

This means that a client can choose to work with either of the platforms and they are still going to get the same experience since iForex has done a great job at optimizing each to work as effectively as possible to cater for their clients’ trading requirements.


iForex UK


They have their proprietary trading platform the iForex which has very many interesting additions coupled with everything that any trader would need to trade effectively.

They did not stop there; they know that each trader needs to have that flexibility that is one of the advantages of being a trader, and thus they created the web trading across various browsing platforms. They also support automated trading and mobile trading, and that makes them very appealing to the wider market.


Educational Resources


iForex knows that every trader’s success is highly hinged on their ability to make sense of the opportunities presented to them in the markets.

That is why iForex has the education section on their website www iForex com; they have broken down their resources into easy to read sections, the beginner section where the newbies get a chance to get introduced to the markets and how they work.


iForex Education


They also have lessons on economic indicators and their impact on the market. They also have webinars that give the learners a chance to learn from live and practical examples, in addition to the webinars there is a library of trading videos that can be a good tool for reviewing lessons.

In addition, the clients get a chance to get the free forex e-book, and in addition, there is a glossary that helps with the terms.


Customer Support


Their core value that addresses the customer support experience is fully vindicated; they have one of the best customer support services in the world.


iForex Support


They have live chat support on their website that a client can use to contact the broker directly that is if you have an account or not.

They have contact information if you wish to call, in addition to the conventional support channels they also have the social media platforms that are very active, and from their ages, you will be able to get the information you need in the much-relaxed platform.


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