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How to Buy Stocks in the UK?

There are many books written based on investment and how to invest, and most of them will give you guidelines on how to buy stocks. There is no problem with those books, but all this information without a doubt will put you in a better situation, and you could understand how to buy stocks, or it will leave you further confused.

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So, it is better to start with the basics and build from there. Stocks can be defined as the smallest unit of value of a company. Anyone who buys shares of a particular company immediately becomes part owner of that company.

There are various reasons that should guide an investor on how to buy stocks in the UK. The more information you have on a particular stock or the company that he stocks belongs to the better placed you will be to make a decision to buy the stock.


Questions to Consider On: “How to Buy Stocks in the UK?”?


These are some set of questions to ask yourself when you want to buy a particular stock or stocks if many; is the sector in which the stock belongs doing well. This will give you a general picture of what to expect from the stock is it underperforming or is it over performing.


  • For example, you want to buy stock in the energy and mining sector, the easiest thing to do at the beginning is to check if the sector is doing well and this you will get from checking how the metal products are performing, like gold and crude oil. These two will give you a general overview of what to expect from the different companies in that sector.


The other thing that you should focus on is if the company has something that sets it apart in the sector; do they have a new innovation that will probably cause their stock to rise if it is introduced into their production process.

The other filter to utilize when thinking of how to buy stocks is the company’s track record, is the company performing well has it been consistent in the last three years? Is it recovering well from prior losses? Is it showing any signs of rapid growth or is it showing signs of slowing down? All these questions fall under the company’s track record.


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The other question is the liquidity status of the company if the company has a small amount of money in their bank account but it has a line of credit due and a project that is awaiting unveiling that proves the company is anticipating growth which will translate to the stock appreciating.

If the company has little to no money and no plans to grow its investment that may be very detrimental to its growth and thus can cause the company’s stock to depreciate in value.

The next question to ask is if the company is highly valued this can be based on the P.E ratio if the company is highly valued that means if the stock is still at an affordable low price it is just time and the stock will start to appreciate.

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The next question to ask yourself is if the stock you want to buy is volatile, and if that is so then you will have to be decisive and not let the stocks volatility take you out off your long-term aspirations when holding the stock.

The next question is how the company is viewed by the market analysts? This question is meant to gauge the market sentiment of a particular stock, that means is the stock viewed as bullish or bearish either on the long term or on the short term, this will help you make a decision, and it may prove to be the key to making a good investment decision or not.

The last question to consider is if the stock is considered to a high-risk stock, high growth stock, stable stock or a low-risk stock, the answer to this will determine of you hold the stock long term or short term.


Aspects to Consider, When You Buy Stocks


There are many things to consider when you want to buy stocks; the questions above are focused mainly on the technical approach of buying stocks. The aspects that will be discussed here are poised mainly on the trader and not the stock and the things that will determine if he or she wants to buy stocks.

Every investor in order to buy stocks you should know the type of investor you fall into, are you a long term investor or are you a short term investor, understanding this will save you a lot of psychological torment.

After you buy stocks you should have already known why you bought them and what will the end gain be for buying the stocks, without a clear plan you will find yourself holding a profitable position and later seeing its drawdown because you do not know what you really wanted to do when a losing or profitable position came along.

The other aspect to consider when you want to buy stocks is having a budget set for this investment. This is the most important aspect to consider above every other; you should only invest what you are comfortable losing in the case something goes amiss, and you end up losing your investment capital.

The other thing that many people do not understand is that when you want to buy stocks you should do it where you feel at your best, let no one but you make the decision when it comes to your money.

If you feel that you are holding a position for too long, then get out of it at take the loss or the profit and look for any other opportunities that may arise but do not put yourself in a situation of mental torture.

The best way to buy stocks is when you are at peace and calm, and you can make the best trading decisions based on your research and comfort level.


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