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IG Trading & Investment Platform (Review)

IG trading platform IG Markets can be described as high quality experience that can only be gotten from trading using a high quality trading platform which is the IG trading platform.

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The OG trading platform from IG Markets is one of the best trading platforms in the world and before talking about it, it is important to have a brief history of the trading firm and the services it offers.


IG Investment Platform


IG Investment Platform is a brokerage firm that has been around for quite a while and they have been innovative in most of their service provision and technological developments.

They are registered in England and Wales under the name IG Markets and their registration number is 04008957 and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and their regulatory reference number is 195355.

This ensures that the broker conducts its services in an acceptable manner within the legal framework provided by the regulatory body. Because of these reasons, IG Investment Platform won the Online Personal Wealth Award for the year 2014 and 2015.

They offer a wide range of services and products that have become popular among traders; they are known to be the first broker to introduce spread betting to the financial markets, and because of this one service they have become one of the most sought after broker for this particular service.

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IG Investment Platform also have other assets and services on offer; they offer share dealing, CFD trading, premium services to their high level clients who get to enjoy free services and discounted services conducted within the brokerage firm.

IG Investment Platform have a long list of tradable assets; bitcoin, commodities, options, sectors, interest rates, bonds, and they also offer Sunday Trading. All these assets can only be traded through a platform that can perform and hold the numerous trades that are executed on any particular day.


IG Trading Platform (Review)


IG trading platform is one of the most innovative web trading platforms in the world, it is a wide concern within the trading community for brokers who have their main trading platforms as web platforms.

This creates a sort of distain and traders tend to walk away from these types of platforms but IG Markets did something that has always been the envy of other brokers, they created a trading platform that was web based and made it become one of the best web platforms in the world.

The level of stability in handling executions at lightning speeds and giving a similar or better feel with the downloadable trading platforms could make any trader want to use the platform. This was later confirmed in 2015 when the web platform won the best award for Best Web Platform form the Shares Awards.

The web based platform is one of the best because of the following reasons it has a watch list feature that allows you to create and edit the tradable assets that you usually trade often.

This helps with efficiency instead of going through the whole list of assets you can simply get the same information from the watch list tab with a simple click of a button.

The chart also offer full market depth with Direct Market Access for the forex and CFD traders, this is one of the best features of the platform because the trader gets to trade with very low spreads and the execution is quite fast and they can better analyze the market environment.

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The web platform comes with another feature that is very useful, it streams news from the Reuters feed, this is important because it keeps the trader consistently updated on what is going on in the market.

The trader can chose to either use ProRealTime charts or IG Charts form the selected asset class to analyze the markets, the prior is good choice because it gives market conditions as they are.

The trader can also deal directly from the charts using one click trading; the chart layout is fully customizable to suit your preference. The platform comes with trade management tools like limit orders, stop loss orders, trailing stop functionality and so forth.

To make the platform more appealing it is very easy to navigate through it considering the amount of information is displayed on the charts.

All the trading platforms offered have the following features across them. They have free integrated charts which can be customized, used for analysis, and for comparison purposes.

The IG trading platforms also come with independent chart analysis tools; this includes Autochartist and trading central. Other advanced trading tools include the L2 Dealer and the ProRealTime charts.

The traders can choose either to trade over the web platform or the mobile based platforms that have been created for Android, iOS, and Windows devices; both for mobile and tablet devices.

With all these platforms and features to back the platforms it is only fair to say that IG trading platforms have surpassed the expectations of anyone who downplayed their power.


IG Trading Educational Resources


The different choices that traders have when selecting the trading platform of choice can be a task and that is why they have set up an educational resource page where the trader can find detailed information.

The educational section is broken down into sections that the trader can simply select and carry on with as per the information they are looking for. They have seminars, articles and guides; and within these guides you will find the how to guidelines on using the trading platforms available.

They also have an introductory section where traders can be taken step by step learning how each asset class operates and also a step by step illustration on how to operate the trading platforms.

This is very important and one can also go to YouTube and find visual illustrations of how the trading platforms offered are operated. This will make it easier for the trader to use the platforms and use them effectively.


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