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OptionsXpress Review: Scam or Not?

OptionXpress is one of the brokerage firms in the United States; it is part of the Charles Schwab Corporation. This subsidiary was created specifically to cater to the retail traders or the self-directed investors.

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They have one of the best services in the industry, and they have been on the move higher ever since they opened up shop in 2001, this is their 15th year in business, and they are still doing strong, and they are consistently improving their services.


OptionsXpress Review: Scam or Not?


They are known for the following services they offer futures and options as their main services. For all your options needs as from the multi-leg options to future commodities contracts, you are going to be sorted out.

They have a whole lot to offer than the two most common services just listed; they have very powerful and effective tools which are surprisingly very easy to use.

Some of these tools include a trading platform that is also optimized for a mobile platform in such a way that the power of the web-based platform is not lost but has just been scaled to fit the functionalities of a mobile platform.

They also have a demo account that the clients can utilize fully to get in line with the trading platform and learn how to use it effectively. Further, the demo platform can be used to learn adequate skills which are at the core of one’s trading success. These may involve risk management, equity management, scaling in and out of trades.

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This can be a hard thing to do especially if you are starting out and that is why they have trading specialists that are ready to help and with an extended customer support service, as a learning trader this can be your chance to grow your knowledge.

OptionXpress UK offers more than trading services; through their other services they also offer investment advice through their Charles Schwab Corporation and banking services through Charles Schwab Bank.

They are a people based institution, and they will do anything to see to it that their clients receive the best services. In addition, they also offer free seminars for the new clients at any of their Charles Schwab Bank locations.


OptionXpress: Trading and Account Minimum Deposit


OptionXpress has a good number of products under their management; they have the best structures for each product, and this is important for a client who is new and would want to know more about a particular product.

They have the options; one of the advantages of trading this product from OptionXpress is that they offer a solid portfolio protection for your options portfolio created.

They also help you choose very sturdy options that will translate into profits, this way their clients are happy, and they continue handling their transactions with OptionXpress.

There are a lot of brokerage firms offering the same service, but OptionXpress have decided to cater for the clients who want to grow their investments into major heights. This is the reason why they have lowered their starting balance to encourage more self-directed investors to start off with them.

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The next product on offer is the futures; the futures are based on various markets; there are currency futures, commodity futures, stock futures, and index futures. The client has more than enough for a choice.

The futures are offered various advantages; they are given a 24-hour support, they trade electronically, they require very small margins to trade which mean they have access to more leverage. They also have the advantage of trading long or buy and trading short or sell.

They also have access to new markets which is an exciting thing for any trader, the more the choices you have, the easier your trading can be. OptionXpress also have stocks on offer and the traders can enjoy trading their stocks because they have very powerful tools that make the trading process easier.

They have tools that help them find, analyze, and monitor the trades by giving alerts. They are also given trading education, a set of powerful tools and dedicated support to help them whenever the need arises.

OptionXpress also offers ETFs and because of the vast numbers of ETFs they have an ETF center and a screener tool to help the trader select the ETF that fits their qualification requirement.

They also offer bonds and mutual funds that have been recently added to the product list to just give their clients a wide array of choices and also help them build a solid portfolio that is driven to a longer term success.


Educational Resources


OptionXpress understands clearly that the good being of a trader is based on the depth of knowledge that the trader has.

The shallower the trading knowledge so is the trading career, so they have made it their point to offer quality education to their clients, so, that they can make better decisions as traders and by so doing they can help ensure their client's longevity in the markets.

They have an extensive educational course that covers all the products they offer and in addition to this they have webinars, workshops, on-demand videos, and market commentary to top it all off. They have realized that simply teaching without structure ends up having a lower number of students really grasping the concepts.

This led to the birth of one of the most effective ways of teaching material concerning the financial markets; it is called the XpressMethod, and it involves some key steps to excellence, they are planning, screening, analyzing, executing and finally monitoring.

These steps are key and when repeated consistently build in a subconscious trading plan that works wonderfully in any market that can be traded.

OptionXpress has gone lengths beyond what is expected to make the trading experience of their client's something to behold. As the years roll by we can simply expect more from OptionXpress, and this is one of the top recommendations for any futures, options, and stock traders.


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