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OneTwoTrade Review: Scam or Not?

2008 was the year when binary options were finally introduced to the masses as a type of trading. Many investment firms took this as new business venture and went full steam ahead to create binary options firms that would offer different services.

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Onetwotrade was one of those firms that caught on to this wind of change and created a binary options brokerage firm that has become renowned the world over as the best binary options broker in the world. This does not come as a surprise because Onetwotrade has put in a whole lot of effort to get to these levels of success.


OneTwoTrade Review: Scam or Not?


They opened up shop in 2011 after receiving their license from the Malta Gaming authority on 13th October 2011. They were also awarded a license number to operate under; MGA/CL2/44/2011, this can be confirmed on their site www Onetwotrade com.

They are so upbeat about client protection and safety, and they have showcased this on their efforts to protect each process that concerns privacy and payment actions.

On a client protection level, the name undergoes two levels of authentication before it is decrypted, and the password is encrypted using the one-way hashed encryption format.

All card information shared is protected under the PCI compliance standards, and every page that has private information is protected using the SSL encryption format.

Their website which employs all ergonomic sentiments is marketed by a marketing company called Up & Down Marketing Limited, and it markets the website within the European Union. Onetwotrade does not offer its service to Canadian clients.

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Onetwotrade has been highly rated by its clients because of small but genuine actions such as the free one on one meeting with market specialists and every client being allocated an account manager without any obligations from the client’s side.

Their clients have given a 93% rating on their products, 96% on their customer support, and 90% rating on their website. This is beyond what many other binary options brokers get. This just proves the point that Onetwotrade is the best and thus number one binary options broker in the world.


Onetwotrade com: Trading Platform


Onetwotrade has two things that it has focused on consistently, their clients and secondly the trading platform. It was quite the dilemma to create a trading platform that has both the functionalities of a well-developed platform and still maintain its simplicity for their traders.

This came to fruition when they developed their own in-house trading platform called the SmartOption. This trading platform came as a game changer in the industry as a whole; they had managed to create quite a complex system and maintained the mo0st important aspect of any trading platform which is ease of use.

They blew away the myth that trading options was hard by creating a platform that encouraged the traders to trade. They have their platform handle longer term options to shorter term options with a lot of ease. Their longer term options are a day long, and the shortest options last for five minutes at a time.

They have a generous payout structure that ranges from 60%-85% for trades that close in the money, and out of the money, trades cost the trader the risk amount put up for the trade. The platform can handle up to 5000 Pounds as its maximum trade.

The SmartOption trading platform is a web-based trading platform, and this means that you as the trader can trade anywhere anytime as long as they have good internet connection.


Deposits and Withdrawals


Onetwotrade has a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options that are meant for their clients situated in different parts of the world.

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Even though they have a wide range of deposit options, they have chosen the best options and offered those to the clients. The main reason for that is the security parameters placed for the deposit options given.

They offer the VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and bank wire transfer. These options are the most commonly used payment options in the world, so it makes sense to have them as the main options for depositing funds into one's account.

They do not charge any account opening fees, but they charge a service fee for all their withdrawals, they charge $50 or a similar amount in Pound and Euro or 1% of the withdrawal amount, and they will charge whichever is greater.

This charge may seem a whole lot, but it encourages the client to make substantial withdrawals rather than making multiple withdrawals consistently. Eventually, your net profits will dwindle. They do not have a limit to the amount of deposit one can make.

The traders are encouraged to make deposits that within their risk thresholds so that they can be psychologically fit while trading. This will focus their attention on trading and improve their trading skills rather than money.


Educational Resources


Onetwotrade understands the importance of knowledge when it comes to trading; they know that an ill-equipped trader will wash out as soon as they start. They have taken steps, and they have dedicated an entire section called Trading Academy specifically meant for educative material.

Their educational resources include video tutorials; introduction to binary options, technical indicators, financial management, trading psychology, and market overview.

They also have webinars, strategy lessons, daily market analysis, and an education center that contains e-books and an overview of the lessons handled in the video tutorial section.

It also contains an asset index that contains all instruments that can be traded in Onetwotrade; they have a long list of international stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices.


Customer Support


Onetwotrade has provided multiple channels through which their clients can access the help they need. They have a live chat dongle on their site, a request for a call, and a shared window feature. All these are meant to give their clients enough choices to select from whenever they are looking for help.

They also have several social media platforms that can also be used as channels to deliver your problems. As the leading binary options broker, they will always be there to help.


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