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Binary com Broker Review

Binary com is one of the most recognizable binary options firms in the world; they have been providing an assortment of financial and gaming services from 2000, and this gives them a lot of credibility in the financial industry.


Binary com Broker Review


They have a presence in two countries where they have set up shop and they are well regulated. They are in the United Kingdom and Malta; in the United Kingdom Binary com is marketed by the Binary (IOM) Ltd and in Europe, they are marketed by Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd, which is based in Malta.

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They are well regulated in every country or region that they have a presence, in the Isle of Man they are regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission, and their license was awarded by the Gambling Commission because the Isle of Man is part of the United Kingdom and the reference number is 39172.

In Malta, they have two different bodies that regulate them depending on the categories of financial services offered. They are regulated as a Category 3 investment service provider Malta Financial Service Authority, and their license number is IS/70156.

They are also regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, and their reference number is MGA/CL2/118/2000. They are further regulated in Ireland by the Revenue Commissioner for their services to the Irish public, and their reference number is 1010285.

With all these regulations and oversight bodies watching their operations closely, there is no doubt that they have everything well covered, and thus their operations are beyond any sort of doubt and criticism.


Binary com (Pros)


Many traders would want to know why choosing Binary com is a good choice, and these are some of the reasons that can help you make that decision by yourself.

First, they offer freedom of trading; they give their clients the freedom to choose their payout anything from as low as a dollar to as high as $50,000 per trade.

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They give their clients access to major currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. The client has the freedom to select how long they want their trades to last, from 10 seconds to 365 days or a whole year. This means all their traders are well covered from the ultra short term traders to their position traders alike.

They also have risk management tools for their traders; they allow their traders to take profits before the trade hits expiry, the traders can only lose what they put as the premium for the trade and nothing more, and this does not change even in very volatile market conditions.

They are also very concise about their clients’ funds, and that is why they have set their client funds in AAA rated banking institutions that are reputable, and they are also registered in two very strict territories in the world Malta and the British Isles. They also have a proven record from as far as 2000.

Lastly, they have won numerous awards in the financial industry to further their reputation as a leader in the binary options space. They have won the International Financial Forum and Expo Award for the best binary options broker for the year 2016. 

They have also won the GBAF Award for the best fixed odds firm in 2012, and they have won the EGR Operator Awards for the year 2015.


Binary com Trading Platform and Demo Account


Binary com has developed one of the most technologically sound platforms in the binary options industry. Their platform is well developed and has several features that make it very interesting to use.

The following are steps that enable a client to make a trade using the platform; firstly you define your position, by imputing the option type, the asset you are trading, the amount of money you are placing for that particular trade, the duration you will be ion the trade, and your payout.

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Then you go to the next step to decide whether your trade will it will stay between the levels or it will go outside the levels you have set in anticipation, this is called two-way pricing.

The next step after making the adjustments you execute the trade and if the trade goes your way you can close the trade before it even hits your take profit and you can thus lock in your profits.

There is a long list of assets that you can choose from when trading, they have major and minor currencies, and they have indices, OTC stocks, and volatility indices.


Payment options


Binary com has a huge number if clients from around the world and there are payment options that are relevant to the various regions that their clients are based, for this reason, they have liaised with a good number of money transfer providers from these regions, and they have included their services as part of their transaction process.

They have a good mix of credit and debit card transaction options; they have the wire transfer method, the online bank transfer method, bitcoin and lastly online payment systems that have become very popular over the last few years.

This gives the client a good number of choices to work with and also to choose from the options that he or she has used before successfully.


Educational resources


Binary com has a good number of educational resources on their website. This is because they know the need to have clients who know what is happening in the market and can be able to make sound trading decisions based on their understanding of the market.

That is why they hold frequent webinars, they have a blog, and they also have platform tours to have their clients acquainted with their trading environment. In addition the offer GamCare services for their clients who may have gambling addictions or gambling related problems.


Customer support service


Binary com has several channels that their clients can use to get in contact with them. they have the telephone contact, the e-mail address, the live chat service that runs 24 hours every day, and lastly their extensive social media presence.


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