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E-Trade (Binary Options)

E-Trade binary option is a brokerage firm that was established in the Unites States of America back in 1982, in Palo Alto in California. Since then they have been on the forefront of introducing new investment products for their client’s year after year.

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They have also improved on the trading technology that they offer to their clients. This has made them become very desirable in the trading community.


E-Trade Comes Back


Back in 1998, they introduced online trading for their clients, and this was a big step in making the brokerage firm a leader in its space.

They took a bold step in laying the foundation for other brokers in the field, they were the benchmark for the rest of the financial industry and this meant that they were supposed to be on the forefront of innovations and the introduction of new products, and they have been able to do this consistently year on year.

They have a select group of investable products in the market, and this gives their clients a choice of what to include in their portfolios, and this is very good for any trader or investor. This gives them a chance to spread their risk equally and also get the chance to maximize their returns in the long run.

They offer stocks, ETFs, bonds and fixed income, options, futures, and mutual funds. The entire above mentioned are correlated, and this gives E-Trade a chance to create a balanced portfolio that is meant to protect against adverse market conditions and at the same time offer a stable return on investment in calm market conditions.


E-Trade (Binary Options)


E-Trade is well regulated, and that should be a positive remark towards the clients, every client wants to deal with a well regulated and reputable firm that can back their reputation based on the regulatory organizations that regulate them and E-Trade fits this description.

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E-Trade is a member of FINRA, and the branch that handles the securities products of the firm is called E*Trade Securities LLC, any interactions the client has on E-Trade regarding any sort of securities product is handled by this subsidiary of the larger E-Trade organization.

There is the E*Trade Capital Management LLC that covers the client’s needs when it comes to investment advice, and this is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission, and all the advice given is done by Registered Investment Advisor who are recognized and regulated by the above regulatory body.

Then there is the E*Trade Bank that handles all banking activities related to E-Trade, the bank is a federal savings bank a member of the FDIC.

E-Trade has the following charges for every transaction based on the product the client is trading; the cost for trading stock is $9.99 for every trade, 75 cents for every option contract traded, and lastly they charge $1 for every online bond ratE-Traded. They have no charges for thE-Trades made on mutual funds.


E-Trade Trading Platforms


E-Trade has some of the most reliable trading platforms in the business; the trading platforms fit within requirements of thE-Traders, and they represent what E-Trade stands for as a firm.

They have platforms for every technological medium; they have the E*Trade Mobile platform for trades carried out through the mobile, and this is available on various operating systems, the iOS, Android, Microsoft, Kindle, and lastly Amazon.

This is very impressive because most firms only offer the mobile platforms in the two most common operating systems but E-Trade has offered it in the most used operating systems.

They have the website trading platform that comes with various advantages, but the most notable is the chrome extension that allows you to start access to the trading platform from a single click of the mouse, and you are in.

The next platform is the most advanced of the three, and this is mostly built for the pro trader and any other skilled discretionary trader who wants to get involved and get a feel of what the pros use when they are trading the markets.

The platform has the following features that make it stand out; it allows one-click trade entry or order entry, this reduces the hustle of having to open the order tab and placing thE-Trade, very important for the short term traders.

The platform has pro trading tools that facilitate quicker more comprehensive analysis, with a variety of customizable charts and charting tools thE-Trader has the best tool for the job.

The platform also has a real time news option that keeps thE-Trader updated on what is happening in the markets. The platform also has idea generating tools that happen to be widely used by their clients who want to create a bias for thE-Trades they want to take.

It also has an easy to use portfolio management tool that helps thE-Traders keep a balance in the portfolios they manage.


E-Trade Education


E-Trade recognizes the importance of a solid educational backing for every trader in the market.

The only thing that will assure the survival of any trader is his or her understanding of the market, and that cannot be achieved if thE-Trader does not get an education and the more thE-Trader learns, the more they get a cover from market situations that may lead to losses.

That is the reason why E-Trade has created a comprehensive cover of their trader education section that is divided into courses based on the investment products they provide.

The courses go as far as lessons on retirement planning, trading and investing in general. They also offer live events, video courses and onsite training at their respective locations.


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