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24 Option com Review: Scam or Not?

24 Option is one of the premier binary options broker in the world, they have received worldwide accreditation for their services and their willingness to adapt to new trading technology.

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24 Option has some core commitments they have come with as a guide to maintaining and improving their services to their esteemed client base.


24 Option com Review: Scam or Not?


These are; they are committed to connecting opportunities, maintaining control in the sense that they give their clients a trading environment where they can control every aspect of their trading; this gives the client as a sense of ownership and thus responsibility to maintain a cordial relationship with 24 Option.

24 Option Commitments

The other commitment they have set for themselves is offering both personal and professional support for their clients, the main aspect of any growing brokerage firm is ensuring that their customer service is up to par, and 24 Option has not failed in this regard.

The last commitment is their ability to give their clients freedom of choice, freedom to execute their trades at their own discretion, freedom to withdraw or deposit their funds and the freedom to contact their customer support when the need arises.



With all these commitments aligned to making 24 Option a world class binary options provider, there is no reason why they have been able to achieve such massive accolades in the binary options space.

24 Option knows that it is important to maintain a level of reliability, and they have not failed in this aspect; they are well regulated by reputable regulatory bodies around the world which is a positive addition to their commitments.


More About 24 Option com


They are regulated in Cyprus by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and their reference number is 2017/13. They are also regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, and their reference number is IFSC/60/440/TS/15-16.

24 Options Broker

24 Option is the trade brand name for two companies that operate in two different jurisdictions but are both under the same group of companies that offers financial services.

Rodeler Limited is the European branch that handles clients from the European region only, and Richfield Capital Ltd is the branch that handles all the international clients but cannot offer services in America and Europe.



They have been recognized and have been awarded several awards which are positive; they have won the UK Forex Award, iGB Award, EGR, Forex Magnates, and CIOT Expo Awards.

They are also involved in supporting sports and especially football development in Europe where they have sponsored two major football clubs in the Italian and French leagues, Juventus and Olympique Lyon respectively.


24 Option: Trading Platform and Demo Account


24 Option com has a superior trading platform that has transformed the way the traders engage with the markets. The trading platform has the following characteristics that make one of the most dependable trading platforms in the market.



The trading platform is secure in the sense that 24 Option cannot interfere with the trading activities of the trader, and no other party can interfere with the trades.

The trading platform is user-friendly; this can be confused by a lowly developed platform, but that is not so, the trading platform is very sophisticated in the way it has been developed, and this is very good to avoid any outside intruders from changing its inner workings.

Trade with 24option

The fact that it is sophisticated in its built does not mean that the traders cannot navigate through its features; actually, it is one of the easiest platforms to use by far in the binary options industry.

The platform has the following binary options displayed on the top right side; high/low, one touch, boundary, and short-term options 30-60 seconds options, and 2-5 minute options. There is also a feature denoted by “i” when you click on it, it shows you if you In The Money and Out of The Money prices.

24option Trading Alerts

Also on the same platform, there is a list of assets that are traded on the right on a top to bottom scroll menu. They include stocks from major markets in the world, indices, currencies, and commodities.

There is a wide range of assets to trade, and this is an advantage to the trader because they can create a solid portfolio that will offer a balanced view of the markets.


Educational Resources


24 Option are keen to providing personal and professional services to their clients, and one of these services is education. They understand very well that every trader’s success is based on their ability to understand what the market is doing and using their understanding to decipher if the market is offering an opportunity or not.

24option Education

The only way to gain such understanding is by gaining as much knowledge as possible about the markets. This can be hard for a newbie trader to do by themselves but 124 Option provides a wide range of material in a structured manner.

The education is broken into basics, intermediate, and advanced levels; this is very important because with every level the trader gets to learn a lot more about the markets and the more he advances, the better he becomes.

The other educational material includes the webinars, interactive e-books, and an option to download all the e-books offered for the trader’s personal studies.


Customer Service


24 Option has a dedicated support service that has helped them grow their services delivery with their clients’ both on a personal and professional level.

24option Bonus

They have the following features that give them that upper hand when dealing with client issues; they have a 24-hour live chat feature that clients use to access help instantly.

They also have social; media pages where their clients communicate their problems in a more relaxed environment, and lastly they have an e-mail that is dedicated for support services only using a ticket system.


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