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ETXCapital Review

ETXCapital is one of the leading brokerage firms in the United Kingdom, they have been operating for the year 2002, and they have made considerable progress from customer support to trading technology.

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ETXCapital is just the trading name of Monecor Ltd which was established back in 1965, and they are a member if the London Stock Exchange.


About ETXCapital


Before ETXCapital was named that it was TradIndex and after some mergers with other well-known financial institutions it was renamed to ETXCapital which stands for Electronic trading,

Telephone trading and Execution services to stand for ETX. Through these services they are able to offer their client a wide range of assets from many markets from around the world; among the assets on offer are forex, indices, commodities, and equities.




They are a diverse firm with different types of trading vehicles or styles on offer, they have CFD trading, they also offer spread betting and lastly they have binary options. It is not common to have all the three options available at one broker, and that is one of the many reasons why ETXCapital have become popular among their competitors in the United Kingdom and also in other countries where their services are offered.

Since, ETXCapital is part of Monecor Ltd, their registration number is 00851820. They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and their reference number is 124721.

Between 2010 and 2014 ETXCapital was on a roll, and they ensured that their trading business was going to be recognized by opening up new locations around the world.

They were successful at that and they were even able to acquire Shelbourne markets in Ireland which at the moment was the biggest spread betting and CFDs provider in the country and thus they are now the biggest providers of the said services in the country which is a big boost for them since they are able to acquire the existing clients and the existing business model to make it even better.


ETXCapital Review


They later made their jump into making their trading technology partners Ariel and mainstay by acquiring them too, this way they will be able to maintain their trading platforms and create newer and better ones to improve their service delivery over the long term.


ETXCapital: Review of Their Trading Platform


ETXCapital has three different trading platforms and each trading platform has its own advantages, this does not mean that there is a major issue when it comes to selecting the best to suit your trading needs you may be in a dilemma.



The good thing is each platform has been created to support a given functionality and a given investment style; be it CFD trading, spread betting, and binary trading.

The three trading platforms are Trader Pro which is their in-house trading platform, they have the Metatrader 4, and finally the binary trading platform which is a web based trading platform that offers seamless execution and it also has tools that support your trading and compared to other binary trading platforms this one is more superior, and it is easy to use too.


ETXCapital platforms


Their Trader Pro platform is one of the best proprietary trading platforms in the market without a doubt. It offers extremely tight spreads, which is one of the advantages of using the platform and especially for the high volume traders like the scalpers will seriously enjoy trading using this platform.

It offers other advantages apart from the tight spreads; it also has a wide range of markets from currency pairs to commodities, equities, energy spot and much more. The more assets are available, the easier it is for the trader to balance their portfolios and spread their risk.

The ETX hosted- Metatrader 4 trading platform is one that is very popular among the users because of the enormous number of indicators and trading the ability to add more customized indicators to your trading platform that suit your style of trading.


ETXCapital Metatrader


Apart from that, the Metatrader 4 platform can also be used to run automated trading strategies or expert advisors as they are commonly referred to as.

With the MT4 trading platform you can trade micro lots, that is depending on your account size which means you will be putting a massive amount of your trading equity at risk and thus you are most likely to protect your trading capital.

In addition to the small trading sizes, you can also do your analysis over a set of different chart types and time frames, this way you can make an informed decision before taking any trade. The trading platform allows you to make one click trades in order to capitalize on the opportunities as they avail themselves. With the platform, you can hedge your positions to mitigate any impending loss.


ETX Educational Resources


ETXCapital has always been on the forefront of trader education, and this is one of the ways they get to improve the quality of clients they have in their stable.

They understand that the longevity of the trade will be based on their ability to make sound decisions for themselves and this can only be achieved by having a solid trading educational background. They have different educational resources for the different asset classes they offer.


ETXCapital education


They have forex, commodities, indices, equities, CFDs, spread betting, and binary options. They have categorized them in such a way that the trader or client will visit what suits them best and get started on the material they have to offer.

They also hold webinars and seminars to allow their traders to have new information and updated information as they continue to learn, and most of all they have tutorials on the trading platforms on offer, they teach their clients how to use the platforms effectively to maximize their chances towards profitability.


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