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E*Trade (UK) Review

E*Trade (UK) is one of the premier financial firms in the United States. It has its headquarters in New York. This company has built its reputation on innovativeness and stellar services to its clients. The company is at the fore front of breaking new ground when it comes to the use of mobile technology in trading.

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They have ensured that their mobile platform is accessible via various platforms; from the iOS to the Windows platform and all the widely used platforms in between. E-Trade has the following services that many of its present and prospective clients enjoy.

There are of focus in the financial markets is stock, Exchange Traded Funds (E.T.Fs), mutual funds, bonds, and options. All the above tradable instruments can be traded electronically or via a phone. The firm mainly focuses on traders who do their own analysis and make trades based on their analysis.

This firm offers various platforms for trading; they have the mobile platform, a web platform and a desktop application. With all these choices the trader’s problem will be deciding which among the three suits them best.


E*Trade UK: Review on the Trading Platform


E-Trader as stated earlier has three platforms that offer the best experience while trading stocks or options. They have the E*Trade 360, the web platform, the E-Trade Pro and the mobile platform. E*Trade 360 is one of the best platforms online for trading stocks.

It has a wide array of charting tools to help in the analysis of a particular stock, or option the trader is interested in. E-Trade is very innovative and they added a plug-in that supports a live data feed of various stocks.



The plug-in is supported on Google Chrome browser and it is used with the E-Trade 360, what it does is allow the trader search directly from the platform the price of a particular stock or option from their web platform page. This is how efficient and user oriented platforms are supposed to be created. 

The E*Trade Pro is a desktop application that is meant for that serious and advanced day trader. This trader speculates the market for short term moves that he or she capitalizes on. For the trader to be an efficient day trader, they will need an advanced platform too.

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This platform has the following features; a selection of charts, live market updates from CNBC, extended trading hours, market analysis tools, and streaming market data. All these are important to that trader who needs fresh information to be able to make the best trading decisions.

They have all this amazing platforms but they lack the demo account where the trader can have a go at the markets without risking real money in it. The demo platform will also help the advanced traders test out new strategies before applying them to the live market.


E-Trade Mobile Platform Review


E-Trade has embraced mobile trading; this has further exposed their clients to online trading. Clients who want to utilize this service can have it for free by registering for it. This has made the service popular among traders who have smart mobile devices.



The service is supported on iOS, and also on the Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon. Any clients with devices supported by any of the above named platforms. This mobile application has some nifty features that have given the users a far better trading experience.

They include: CNBC videos on Demand, educational videos, charts, account management features, and lastly one can place their trades using the mobile app. This has not only improved efficiency but has brought into play a whole new user experience.

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In addition to the mobile platform they have the E-Trade Pro Platform that is meant for those active traders, especially the day traders who are there every day or most of the trading days speculating the markets.


E*Trade Education Review


E*Trade has been on the fore front when it comes to investment education, they understand the importance of learning before earning. That is why they have on a myriad of different educational resources that their clients or prospective clients can choose from to enhance their knowledge on the stock market.

They offer webinars on various topics such as introductions to the stock market, analyzing different trade setups and retirement planning. They also have this well structured online course set up like the university course; the ETF best practices and the Stock 101 are among these courses.



They also teach their clients on other important aspects about trading that traverse the whole trading spectrum no matter your trading instrument. These are; risk management, portfolio management, and how to select the best tradable products in the stock market.

To support all these service is team of customer support members and financial consultants spread over their 30 branches across the country. This makes it easier for clients to have their problems and requests addressed in the most professional manner.


E*Trade Conclusion


E*Trade is a reputable brokerage firm and they are well regulated. They have advanced platforms that are a fit for all levels of traders. This goes to show they have the trader in mind while creating all this services for them.

They also have educational resource for their traders; these resources cater for the newbie all the way to the most advanced trader. They also hold webinars online for their clients, in these webinars their clients get to learn more outside the trading realm.

They get educated on other financial products to consider, retirement planning, and portfolio management among other topics. They also have standard fees for trading stocks and options, and their mutual fund fees are quite low and many clients can afford to have that in their portfolio.

Their customer support services are very impressive and any client who may have a problem can contact them directly, furthermore they have financial consultants in all their 30 offices. E-Trade is a one stop shop for clients who want to focus on stock, ETF, and option trading, I highly recommend it.


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