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Bloombex (Review)

The binary options are quite a young industry compared to the markets that have been around for a while; the binary options industry has only been around for 8 years now, but that has not deterred their growth efforts that we have experienced openly in the recent years.

This is one industry that has been marred by controversy and praise it has had its fair share of drama without a doubt.

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This has not stopped its efforts in becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the financial sector, and that is a good thing because there are opportunities everywhere ready for the picking.

With such opportunity, available the conscious investors will always jump onto the opportunities presented and Bloombex is one of those that realized the opportunity early on and tossed themselves fully into the business.

Their focus is their ability to make their clients feel like part of a family that is only interested in their wellbeing, and that is one of the toughest things to achieve for any brokerage firm, and that is what Bloombex focused on from the get go and they could move leaps and bounds due to this aspect.


Advantages of Being Part of Bloombex


They have some advantages that make them appealing to the clients who come from different parts of the world. They have a flexible policy when it comes to their trading technology; it is all based online thus the client does not need to download any software to trade.

Thus one can trade from any location in the world and still experience the same level of performance as any trader using a trading platform.




They have also employed simplicity to their trading. Thus their clients have the easiest time executing their trades.

The other advantage that Bloombex holds over other firms is their user-friendly interface, and that is one of the things that makes any trader enjoy their experience, the easier the trading interface, the more the trader can get out of the markets, and that is something that is hard to achieve with something that is more complex than the relativity theory.


Trade on Bloombex


Their clients also have one of those easy transactional experiences they get to deposit ad withdraw in quite some fashion, quick easy and the charges are quite low as well.

The client expects the brokerage to offer them the same ease of depositing when it comes to their withdrawal process something that many brokers fail at miserably.



This is one of the reasons that Bloombex makes them a big winner, and at the same time, their clients also get a chance to trade and carry out their account activities via their mobile phones through the trading application.

There is no way to discount they have one of the best services across the board, and this makes them very appealing to their clients and the aspiring ones as well.

They have a professional team of individuals who are running the institution as well, and that explains why they have been able to get over 100,000 clients since inception who trade actively.


Bloombex: Review of their Trade Option Types


There are various option types in the binary options industry but Bloombex com has could come up with a new version of options with understandable names that relate directly to the style of trading you are using.

They have the digital options which are the common call and put options; this is when you have an idea based on your analysis that price will either go up or down and if up you buy call options but if down you buy put options.


Bloombex Options


The next one is the turbo options which represent the short-term options; these options are time conscious in that they have expiration times, once time has elapsed the trade closes if it closes at a price predefine you get your profits otherwise you lose the amount risked.

The periods in which the trades run is between 30 seconds being the shortest time frame to 5 minutes being the lengthiest turbo option.

Bloombex also has the touch option which consists of a certain price level below or above the current one that the client wishes to see it reached with a given duration of time if it does the trade closes in the money otherwise it is a losing trade.



The last tradable option is the range option; here you decide the range which price will maintain for a given period of time and if price maintains that range then you have yourself some profits to book otherwise you lose the risked amount.

Most of the payouts from these trades are averagely 100% which means with every winning trade you have a good chance of making more than your risked amount.


Bloombex com: Trading Platform and Asset Index


Like most binary options firms Bloombex has the online trading platform, but their platform comes with some features that set it apart from the rest. Their trading platform has a multi-chart package that allows the trader to view multiple assets simultaneously and track or monitor their open positions with much ease.


Bloombex AssetIndex


The trading platform has various chart types, the candlestick chart, the line chart and the area chart so you can choose your preferred chart type and carry on with your trading.

The trading platform has some extra features to assist in the trading; like the advanced chart analysis offered by Tradingview, this has confirmed that Bloombex com is in the forefront of the changes in the finance industry and they are riding and introducing the changes to their clients.

Through the charts you can trade a number of currencies both major, minor and exotic currencies alike, you can also trade the commodities, stocks, and indices. With a wide range of assets to choose from, the trader will have an easier time diversifying their portfolio.


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