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OptionRally Review: Scam or Not?

Optionrally was one of the earlier binary options brokers after its inclusion into the investment vehicles list in 2008. They started off with a vision to be the best binary options broker in the world, and they are on their way to the top if they are not already there.

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This brokerage firm is privately owned, and it has its headquarters in Singapore, one of the economic melting pots in Asia in the current decade.


OptionRally Review: Scam or Not?


Optionrally has focused on the growth of their business by improving client services and products alike. This makes them one of the best in brokers in the industry today.

It is almost hard to work choosing a binary broker today because the market is overpopulated, this is something Optionrally EU know too well, and they set a standard that very brokers could even dream of achieving.

They have a boutique-like service for their clients, and they have done so because they know not all clients can fit on the same level of needs. They have created for their client's well-structured products for each level of the client in their register. Their binary option styles are also well spread for the different trader types in the market.

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They have the basic binary options; they have the 60-second binary option, one touch binary option, and the binary option pairs. They also have a wide range of banking options which will be discussed further below. They have a strong management team, and all the members have a strong background in the finance industry.

They come from risk management backgrounds, regulation trade sector, and the investment technology industry or as it is popularly known as Fintech. This team is at the core of the exponential growth of Optionrally as an industry leader.


Optionrally Demo and Trading Accounts


Optionrally is a savvy broker, and they exemplify this with the way they have broken down their trading accounts. They have broken their accounts into four sections, all these sections are important and have their advantages, and those advantages are what give them their allure.

These are the account types on offer; mini trading account, standard account, executive trading account, and the VIP Club account. The mini account is the starter account that acts as the default account type, the minimum deposit amount is $500 or its equivalent in Euros, the first deposit has 15% bonus.

Any deposit after the first attracts a 10% bonus; this is actually a positive since the trader gets more buying power. The trader also gets access to daily and weekly market analysis. This may seem like too much, but the other three have more on offer you will not believe it.

The standard account type also has a 25% bonus on the first deposit and 10% for every other deposit made after that. The client with a standard account enjoys full website access, daily market analysis and news from the market specialist.

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This is not all since the client is also given three trading tips if the tips are well analyzed the trader can utilize those three tips and make a trading career from those three tips a day. The client also has access to the daily and weekly market analysis, and they are also given a free eBook from Optionrally.

The executive trading account is as executive as its name; every executive account holder enjoys all the benefits of the standard account holder and in addition to that, the client holder is given two one on one sessions with a trading specialist.

These sessions are like sessions to help you decode the markets and the insights received from these sessions can impact your trading positively. The VIP Club account is a club the sort of secret group that everyone wants to be part of; the client receives all the benefits of standard and executive account holders and more.

The clients are given a personal trading concierge; they are given access to trading chat rooms, exclusive trading tools, and private business clubs.


Optionrally Trading Platforms


Optionrally EU has several trading platforms that have acquired a lot of attention in the past, since their inception. Their proprietary trading platform is called the Live Trade, and it has already been trademarked so no other company can use the same name.

This just boosts its uniqueness and adds that aspect of professionalism to it. The platform is web based, and this makes it accessible on the various web platforms being used, the platform allows you to see all your past trades, one can withdraw and deposit from this platform with ease.

The rest of the platforms are mobile platforms, one of them is meant for iOS devices, Android devices and the tablets especially the Apple iPad. All the mobile platforms have different features that are unique to those platforms alone. For the complete feel of the platform you can use the web platform


OptionRally Deposits and Withdrawals


Optionrally has several options for your banking transactions. The minimum trading amount opens an account $500 or Euros. This payment can be made through the following methods; the bank wire transfer all the details can be found on their website for this method.

The other methods are card payments using VISA, MasterCard, and Knet ATM cards, the payment can also be made using CashU, WebMoney, and InPay. The method used for depositing is the same that will be used for withdrawals. It should be noted that the minimum amount to be deposited is $100 or the Euro equivalent.

The card payments take anywhere between 5-10 working days for the withdrawn amount to be reflected on the client’s card. The bank wire takes 2 days to process, and the amount will reflect on your bank account after 5-9 working days.


Customer Support


Optionrally has a very solid customer support team; their live chat, call service, and e-mail service have one of the best response times in the industry.

They also have an education section that contains a lot of relevant material related to trading binary options successfully. A client can also find them on social media especially on Facebook where they have an official page.


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